Walk-in Clinic / Repair

  Operating System Installation, Software Installation, Spyware/Malware removal

  Computer Maintenance, Hardware Installation, Hardware Troubleshooting

Digital Conversions

  Old VHS tapes / 8mm Film / Mini DV / Beta to DVD or MP4, Records / Cassettes to CD. Click here for more details

Computer Sales

  We specialize in resale of commercial hi-end systems at prices less than 25% of new price See current specials

Internet Sales

  Fiber based with 55 towers, we are an independent cutting edge primary & secondary (failover) service provider using 2 separate sources for our fiber feeds Click here for pricing

Network Design

  Using our experience in Wifi, we can connect buildings on site to other locations

Camera Systems

  We install 5MP & 8MP video surveillance camera systems with 2-way audio, smart motion detection & Smart Night Vision. We can supply a 1TB or 2TB NVR or simply view “live’ on your smart phone or computer. Click here for more info
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